Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week #4 - functional ceramics

The Art of Seeing, Making, Creating: an introduction to visual media and techniques.
Class #4

Abbi Allan
March 26th, 2013:

10:00 - Hello, see what you have been working on etc.
10:10 - Ceramics: slide show:  different building techniques
10:20 – Demonstrate different methods of making:
      Make sure there are no air pockets!!!!! = Bad explosion = not cool.
      Score and slip – other wise the objects fall off.  They won’t stay connected

10:30 – Students design what they’d like to make. 
                  The focus this time is on “functional” work because this is the only work we will be able to glaze after it is fired.  Might take 2 weeks approximately.
10:40  - student work time:
                              If the student finishes early – they can complete anything left over from their paper Mache sub structure, or make ceramic sculpture.
10:50 –
11:00 –
11:10 –
11:25 – clean up, wrap up – what is happening next week
11:30 – leave

For next week always bring along:

For next week - optional to bring along:
We are doing paper

Optional Post to blog (option) or add to the course sketchbook.  I will post information there and if interested the visual examples given to the students

Optional Homework:
  Outside of class:  Seeking inspiration: Find 4- 6 + images of things that interest you visually.  It can be art, objects, toys, clothing, colors etc.

  Ceramics can make anything!!!  If you so desire and want to make more things we are using:  LOW FIRE EATHENWARE CLAY:  From Continental Clay – which I love.

Any other additional things a student may make over the week must be out of this clay (*purchased on their own) – and out of any clay body listed at that link. I recommend Low Fire white: http://www.continentalclay.com/detail.php?cat_id=415&sub_categoryID=254&PID=208

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