Wednesday, March 12, 2014

week #2 - parts and pieces to see the whole

The Art of Seeing, Making, Creating: an introduction to visual media and techniques.
Class #2

Abbi Allan
March 12th, 2013:

10:00 - Hello, see what you have been working on etc.
10:10 – going back to seeing things differently – Trace a drawing upside down.  Then flip it over.  With a different set of paper, draw this same drawing, upside down again
10:30 –   testing grids
10:50 – relief sculpting via images
11:00 –
11:25 – clean up, wrap up – what is happening next week
11:30 – leave

For next week always bring along:

For next week - optional to bring along:
Brushes and paint  - A smock if you are worried about getting dirty.   
I am also looking at changing the schedule to add more sculpture by request from the students.

Optional Post to blog (option) or add to the course sketchbook.  I will post information there and if interested the visual examples given to the students

Optional Homework:
  Outside of class:  Seeking inspiration: Find 4- 6 + images of things that interest you visually.  It can be art, objects, toys, clothing, colors etc.

• Keep trying to draw upside down, with a  grid, tracing, combining objects…
  Bring in images that you want to work from and objects with a lot of negative space to paint from if wanted.

slide show related to the new techniques:


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