Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to make Abbi's portfolio - what we are doing today - and optional homework for the week

The Art of Seeing, Making, Creating: an introduction to visual media and techniques.
Abbi Allan
March 5th, 2013:

10:00 - Hello,
      What would you like to learn? 
10:10 – 1st work in class.  From the images and selection of materials, make your initial drawing.  How did it feel?  Work for just 20 minutes.  Do not expect it to be amazing, just a starting point.
10:30 – How does the brain works.
10:50 – brain exercises: shutting down the left-brain to awaken the right
11:00 – start making a portfolio

11:25 – clean up, wrap up – what is happening next week
11:30 – leave

For next week always bring along:
Your portfolio

For next week - optional to bring along:
  Grid drawing - bring a line drawing you might like to reproduce
  If you have drawing utensils you like best, bring those.
  An image of something you would like to relief sculpt.

Optional Post to blog (option) or add to the course sketchbook.  I will post information there and if interested the visual examples given to the students

Optional Homework:
  Outside of class:  Seeking inspiration - Find 6 + images of things that interest you visually.  It can be art, objects, toys, clothing, colors etc.

  In class, you were put on the spot, and with only a few objects to work from.  Outside of class find time to draw, sculpt, paint, chalk, snow sculpture…. something.  What do you make when no one is telling you what to do? Spend at least an hour on something.  Work at whatever level you are at –because this is about your personal development not comparing it to anyone else’s.  Art   Make something you enjoy, from the subject matter you enjoy.  Bring this to class next week so we can all learn a little more about you and what do you like?
  If you don’t have one yet – get a sketchbook for your work and gathering images of interest.

6 items of interest:

Talk given today

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