Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why good leaders make us feel safe

I found this video randomly while trying to think about why I teach 3D foundations the way I do.  I had other faculty say "You are too supportive, they feel safe, maybe too safe with you.  Is that really learning?"

And I kept saying "I'm teaching them to glue with fire and put their hands on tables with giant knives on them.  I'm taking the fear away 1st.  After that - then I can teach".

Which of course went over with a bit of a snicker from time to time....  but then I found this - which I found was really helpful.

Cheers to all of the good leaders in our life. 

This is what I learned from my dad.  He never had to say it - I just saw it work.  A lot of what we learn is not in lesson format.

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