Monday, June 2, 2014

Starting a visual collection Journal

When working with a sketch book, I find that big empty book fairly daunting.  "Is what I'm making worth these pages?"  "how will I fill this"  "Will I have embarrassing pages in here?"

One of the hardest thing for an artist is to quite the mind of self doubt and focus on just making.  But what to just make?

Here are some prompts (made by Abbi Allan (c) 2014  - 6/2/14) to cut and paste and attach to your journal pages, (*along with blank ones)

So when you are looking for images to collect for future reference, you have:
1). Prompts
2) There is something already in your journal, so getting started now is out of the way
3)  Easier to do something every day, rather sporadically.  You can make 'assignments' for yourself as your work starts developing a specific area of research.

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