Tuesday, April 29, 2014

week #7 & #8

The Art of Seeing, Making, Creating: an introduction to visual media and techniques.
Class #8

Abbi Allan
April 30nd, 2014:
10:00 – Post-it /square sized section art – inspiration from the small and altering it to something larger
10:10 –  paintings-  something big – and adding new mediums and new details (real or imagined)
10:30 –
10:40  -
10:50 – painting whales and getting the final touches on them
11:00 –
11:10 –  (*possible start to jewelry?) = selection of objects
11:25 – clean up, wrap up – what is happening next week
11:30 – leave

For next week  think about bringing along:
 - Sketchbook  - we made a quick one in class so at least we have that now.  J

-  Portfolio of work – what are you & have you been working on and want to show on the last day?

Optional Post to blog (option) or add to the course sketchbook.  I will post information there and if interested the visual examples given to the students

Optional Homework:

Go back and look at the flower images taken from class #7 – can you add some details to your paintings?  Start new ones?  Take this as inspiration for something new?

Let me know if your child wants to be posting to the blog so I can invite you:

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